Interactive Kiosk

With the development of the catering industry market, more and more businesses have begun to purchase Interactive Kiosk. Through its intelligent self-service ordering function, the seats of the entire restaurant are covered, which greatly improves the efficiency of catering ordering and reduces service costs.
The emergence of Interactive Information Kiosk saves a lot of manpower and saves a lot of labor costs for enterprises. For many enterprises, it is still very necessary. It can provide a self-service and efficient payment process, and most people want to experience more self-service because it can meet the different needs of customers through the self-service of Interactive Digital Kiosk. The self-service function can not only improve the efficiency of customers, but may also attract more customers to consume.
The kiosks are made of various materials and styles, and merchants can choose according to their own retail model and product type. Its advantages are simple in production, easy to move, and complete functions. In the small space of the existing display area, it belongs to the mobile sales model, so it is deeply loved by the merchants.
Its overall frame is rust-proof, the overall structure is strong, shock-resistant, high wind-proof coefficient, and corrosion-resistant. The service and sales kiosk adopts steel plates and fireproof panels inside, which are closely connected with the internal square steel keel, which can make the whole pavilion feel tidy and generous. The outer sealing plate is bent and welded with high-quality galvanized plates, and the outer surface is polished and sprayed with advanced environmentally friendly automobile fluorocarbon paint. The outer sealing plate and the inner flame-retardant plate are firmly connected, and are resistant to acid and alkali corrosion.
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